Behind the Wall

East India Trading Company and Beyond

The entirety of the cuing system pits the mathematically calculated paths of the sphinx against the entirety of the field depicted on the great wall of China. Where are the "paths of the sphinx" for the people of the Orient? They're on the wall, in between the paths which the templates of the pyramids provide. The cueing system of the orient is a polynomial refactoring of the cueing system of the pyramids and the two systems are designed to intertwine, according to the table of the nations, and bring all participants to hell. The people of the orient have their own heirarchical arrangement, including both financial and social superiorities, and the overall structure resembles much the same as the phonie vs. jobbie system described for the remainder of the peoples in the table of the nations.

The wire systems of the oriental cueing set are definitely seperate from the wire systems established through the history of the Melchizedek empire with executive control of the functional corporate units given to the rainbowtards. The two systems have meshed over time and standard corporate politics apply.

130131 SAB

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