Bricks don't go to hell

Mining the earth

Pyramids were built on the surface of the planet but only after the surface was made visible and traversible through the regimentation of both the vegetation and the animal life between the tops of the trees and the sandy surface, where there was no ocean. Prior to pyramids were towers. Carefully tended firepits and fig leaf filled bathwater in the trees evolved into kilns and ovens and eventually structural support around the firepit. Firepits tended for thousands of years developed an anvil sink beneath them and, with enough mass, the anvils would crash through the vegetation underneath. Generations of falling anvils led to reliable construction around and underneath the firepits. The stacking process built towers to the surface and then began the practice of anvil sacking; raiding a neighboring kingdom or community, completely tearing down their tower, and digging their anvil out and carting the trophy away. The completed sacking of all anvils progressed and evolved into digging a mine below the towers and eventually the entire earth, that space not leading directly to hell, was made a mine. The pyramids were the last of the project on top of the mine. The development of language is attributed mostly to the work of the taskmasters and doctors testing and calibrating the servants building the pyramids. There existed a multi part system to calibrate the portion timing of both food and priveleges to servants according with a burning candle, a dog starved to bark for a single biscuit at a time, and a box of wood rolling on wheels down a ramp. If the servants made additional noises too early or too often then they were scientifically seperated and studied. The results of screening the lines of servants through the course of the construction of the pyramid provided a map of lineages to the population of pyramid mine bound morticians managing the system for the stork to the surface eunuchs.

A pyramid models the activities, the hobbies, the chories, the duties, and the recreational pursuits of the entire community which built it, all of them scheduled to go to hell. The gates of hell were found long before the pyramids during the regimenting of the land and everybody has been going to hell since long before even stonehenge was all the structure necessary to model the course of the entire path to hell. The three great pyramids provide selections for financial units to the cultures surviving after the completion of the pyramid. Within the structure of each brick are modelled either two or around six hundred available financial units, all known to represent an operational structure of people which will live and break down and make their way into hell on schedule. In later millenia the heads of the remaining three units will inscribe themselves into the rosetta stone; everything operating on monetary accounting below them operating perfectly to live, break down, and make their way into hell on schedule as modelled on the financial abstraction of the resurrection pole.

The great sphinx, when completed, represents a labyrinth of pathways to collate templates, representing the financial operating units of current society, and overlay them as a filter on the great wall of china. The functional process pans and scans back and forth on the great wall of china and is a hobbyist nuance to demonstrate that all paths lead to hell.

121229 SAB

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