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The rise of the rainbowtard empire in the course of human history, as a repeating carnival system, coincides with the decision of the oldest lineages of the descendants of morticians choosing to remain forever in the mine constructed as the regimentation of the land neared and scoured the surface and everything below. The final establishment of the monetary superiority of the rainbowtard empire did not occur due to their own supremacy but only because the financially more superior portions of the population chose not to live on the surface any longer. The termination of the Zechariah lineage represents the severing of even the final official liaison role between the upper and lower populations. The end of the Zechariah line is brought about when the financial weight of the Isaiah trust fund is poured into the eunuch empire, specifically the obelisk prepared adonis division.

The rainbowtard course through life is modelled as two opposing populations each running half of a small pyramid. One population is characterized by their belief in putting together a little bit of everything across the span of Noah's ark in the effort to find the peculiar combination which will win to them truth, knowledge, discovery, wisdom, power, authority, supremacy, eternal life, dreams come true, etc. These individuals usually participate in more contemporary, popular and media culture, and less scriptural character roles. The children of this population are jumped into the "head start" program, introduced to the concept of green eggs and ham for a million dollars, at an age soon after they are no longer old enough to be eligible as a passover lamb. The parents do not even regard the children until they have successfully, mostly not permanently damaged or maimed or disfigured or muscle cramp locked, made it through their first million dollar performance review. Children which are unwanted due to performance review damage are given to the working class population to take care of as "special needs children".

The rainbowtard features social supremacy over nearly every other class, except bread box and maintainers of mummified monkeys, due to their collective financial strength. In the festival system of eating a plate to end the life of another, essentially leveraging financial strength to effect the ruination of their identity and their decision to go through their own personality reprocessing, the rainbowtards will nearly always win a game of war.

The rainbowtards, of both groups, are the primary participants in the pirate party with what's left. When the bread boxes, the passover lambs, of the world are taken apart for full steam cleaning an arm will be contracted out. The arm is dressed up in various costumes and allowed to play cat and mouse in scripted play town type resorts. The participants will be required to find, in treasure hunt fashion in their particular given script, the "homonculus" and bring themselves to sexual orgasm with it. Select members will be allowed to view the "homonculus" in various forms: asparagus, high knee, low knee, stumpy, riblet, and the thing. Riblet, the man on stilts, riding on cloud nine "thing", also has the option to be attached to an electrical voice box and various games are played talking with the disembodied arm. Various roles and achievements in the performance of the pirate party (largely a scripted routine lasting days to weeks, depending upon the number of participants and the nature of the awards) will determine and correspond to kingdoms of authority in the function of society. In one fashion the participants of the pirate party are instructed to remain completely silent during the practice and are given one or several sounds, individual syllables, which they are to use for their "power word" when they find the disembodied "runaway fugitive". The highly religious nature of the practice, coupled with the terrible reality of the nature of the event, elevates the level of force and dominance in their speech with that sound and appropriate systems will follow in the course of daily life; any insubordinations usually taken care of through the festival plate system.

The pirate party acts as a transparency layer between the actual covenants and monetary assignments marked on the wounds of the mummified passover lamb and the rearranged set of priveleges doled out to the rainbowtards. In the green eggs and ham world "crimes" correspond to available fields on the festival card; various forms of filling the festival card or matching particular patterns or sequences makes the individual eligible for punishment. Portional cuts of flesh from the passover lamb, particular wounds and scars and sections, provide immunity markers from various crimes (murder, sex with a beast, adultery, theft, etc.) that the guilty need not go eat another plate, purchase the indulgence privelege, or manipulate their individual social empire to resist the impending punishment. The cultural exploding ming vase is a depiction of the function of art auctions: slips of paper with various immunities and priveleges are hidden inside of the pieces of art and those which have the money to bid for them attend the auctions.

The stonehenge style life path of the rainbowtards is modelled on the cues and scripts of one of the small pyramids, the book of Enoch, similar to mummified monkey warlords and the population of gridlord Africa. Each division of the rainbowtard group takes half of the cues and works with the other half as overlords over the remainder of the populance and working against each other.

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