Making Big Claims

A good portion of the contests between various levels of green eggs and ham phonies is based upon making claims about biblical lineages, being descendants of, being the true descendants of, being the better descendants of, etc. The first rainbowtard group usually makes claims about being descendants of Noah, and thus leading to the rationalization of their interactions. The second rainbowtard group prefers to claim lineage from Adam or Seth, from the garden, and sometimes from Eden. They compete with the full Noah's ark philosophies by anchoring their practices only on the afflictions given to Adam by his servility within the temple: monkey, chicken, dog, dart, and snake. This group often provides individual candidates for the role of Caesar. The snake is related to pharaoh's toe ring; the snake is not interacted with at the site of sexual production. Rather, the snake is allowed to wrap on a finger or toe and then studied as the snake attempts to figure out the juncture with the hand or foot—the session may take twenty minutes to hours.

Both groups of rainbowtards feature members whose role it is to participate in organizations which encompass "the people who make dreams happen, baby". Brain scans may be read like player pianos. Most people, after three alcoholic drinks, are good to be used as a remote talk-through with little or no prior conditioning or neuro-lingual profiling. The members have access to the real time and historical brain scans of near any individual they choose—within the natural political and social heirarchies of any modern day corporate organization. With proper neural training on audio and video codecs, common radio, television, and computer media, entire movies may be played back on a subject with near lucid reception. Saturation with alcohol assists the methodology.

The inclusion of the real time brain scan system, made possible by the advancement of NMR and MRI technologies, brings on the discussion of the dart. The heroin dart. A significant population majority of all rainbowtards are perpetually "alice in wonderland", under the influence of heroin. The combination of heroin and the neural network brain scan system allows the individuals to operate as remote control marionettes. The ancient tradition of a forty day fasting has become a calibration routine to match the brain scan with the individual under observation, saturated with heroin. The forty day fast, with plenty of heroin, allows their brain to achieve an exercised fasting state above any which they will attain in their usual daily lives. After proper scoring on the calibration the individual is available at all times for usage in the remote control system; usually, but not always, notified ahead of time. The upper echelon management level of the wire systems yet belongs to the Melchizedek template but the operation of the brain scan empire is subcontracted to the collectively financially wealthier, but ultimately completely more brain damaged and incapable, rainbowtards.

Muhammed Ali experienced the heroin control system. Great fighter, devoted, but the rainbowtards got him into a few salad parties, then got him into the dart, then got him into a few more salad parties with the dart, then showed him what they can make him do in a salad party on the dart. He never fought the same after that.

Another defining characteristic of the rainbowtard population is related to the methodical breakdown of humans; the progressive clogging of circulatory and respiratory passages through injury, training, muscular deformation, or actual foreign physical object blockage. At birth nearly every other human baby on the planet will be introduced to two cotton balls, one soaked with isopropyl alcohol and another soaked with a mixture of light secondary and tertiary amines (eg. cadaverine and putrecine) and an amount (around one gram) of ultrafine silica gel. The inhalation of the isopropyl alcohol causes the immediate dehydration of some relatively random area of respiratory tissue and, as the baby screams in alarm, the tissues will be stuck together with plenty of ultrafine silica gel and nascent amine tucked in the layers between the tissues. Rainbowtards are not given the doctor's treatment and, over the course of age to early teens, they will have clearer vocal ranges, more authoritative voices, more appealing sounds. This audio quality, along with their financial superiority, gives rainbowtard children a clear advantage in the early years of dating and mating and also gives them a heavy advantage in childhood money making activities; pop music, performance arts, and media culture. The age of twenty sees that most people, having received the "grammy" or not, will have exposed themselves to life's involvements and injuries such that, especially by the age of thirty years old, nearly all voices of all segments of the population are equally damaged-but the rainbowtards will continue to preserve various pockets and tones which are simply inaccessible to children which were given the doctor's welcome to the world. Many rainbowtards, after they have practiced their winnings as teenage rock stars or enormous pop idols, will be required to have their tongue surgically removed—a population wide pretense to atone for the systematic silica gel fraud.

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