In a Box?

Love in an elevator

The most common edition of the million dollar performance review, MD PR, doctor professor, solomon and david, green eggs and ham, is brought by love in an elevator. Push the button, get in the box, perform the task, make the money. Various segments of various populations of all of the green eggs and ham phonies have different ritual observances and tricks. Ritual observances bring the qualification to one million dollars and the tricks may be racked together to bring the total amount up to close to two million dollars.

The green eggs and ham procedure is a withdrawal slip from a financial system. What does it mean to be "saved" or part of the "chosen people"? They have access to a larger bank account if they cain stomach the withdrawal slip. They may claim to have received or inherited the money as they choose. The financial collectives work as large corporate structures. In those green eggs and ham structures devoting themselves against for example, smoking (smoking is their target to call the troops and "get" somebody), the cigarettes are $55 per pack. World wars are often contests between competing green eggs and ham banking systems.

A simple blood test will confirm the antibodies for green eggs and ham in their heme analysis. Loosed from pharaoh's bitter yoke, but not from the sultan's. Led them with unmoistened tongue to a million dollars. A reference to pavlov. Many of them begin salivating, vomiting, and defecating all over themselves on their way to a million dollars. Sick to near immobility they will insist that they need the money. Many of them are given domestic dogs to "get a hold of that complex."

A physiological side effect to green eggs and ham, to varying degrees amongst individuals and populations, is the TAIL BACK. The SPINAL TIP. An elongation of the tip of the spine, a deformity in the human form to correspond with the improper interaction with a being which is not metabolically fast, a being which is itself on the way to hell and much closer to it, a being which is running on improper clock cycles and timings. A good metaphor for the human body is indeed a massive cloud operating system: born clean and installed fresh (theoretically, before the toaster blender empire began turning little boy into fat man, a practice necessary to lock in the injuries and boogers gained from the table of the nations training before being shipped to the surface on the stork), then accumulating rogue scripts and bad programs, eating clock cycles and blocking access to necessary resources, leading eventually to aging and more aging, a system ripe with malware and riddled with viruses, and then there's the dog, the system constantly about two mouse clicks and one page memory swap away from BSOD.

The practice of "mooning", showing of the posterior in disrespect to an adversary, is born of a time when those individuals (primarily, at that time, the drunks of Lillith and her husband) could be more open and less secretive about their green eggs and ham million dollar enrichment methods. "You suck dog dick and eat dog shit for money? YOU FOOL! You will never be able to fast away from that!" In the millenia when the paper presser temple was locked in a power struggle to keep the drunks at bay (let them go to hell for their money), before the formal murder of Zechariah and the full-scale infiltration of the temple by the drunks, mooning was a blatant show of financial power and superiority—a blanche display of the TAILBACK.

Cushioned chairs, and especially elderly people which must keep a cushion with them, arise from the tail back. In modern day they may be following the fashion of the rich. Toilet seats, the chair with a hole in the middle, were not initially designed for toilet. That was designed for the tailback.

The ancient Hebrew practice for checking for the sixth digit. I may have covered that in BSM, I know I've mentioned it in the journal writings. In the workplace, in social events, especially if you are new to an area, a new "compadre", not necessarily a friend, but someone newly met that appears to be mostly okay and congenial, will sidle up alongside and run the outer edge of their hand up the crack of your butt. You will be unnerved, thinking that the gesture is a homosexual advance. If you talk about the homosexual advance then the secret phonies in your workplace (or that social circle) will gang on you, if you elect to say nothing (out of prudence or embarassment) then the secret phonies in your workplace (or that social circle) will gossip about your possible homosexuality because you accepted such a gesture. The gesture, in ancient times before begging from the gates of hell (on the carrot stick, green eggs and ham) turned them into tailbacks, was indeed a method for Hebrews in Egypt to identify each other secretly. The original secret handshake. The Hebrews, trapped in Egypt and largely socially sequestering themselves from the Egyptians, had begun to acquire a sixth "finger", a small protrusion from the outside of their hand near to the wrist bone. Consider that this means that the entire perception of the scriptural history of the Hebrew line actually reflects the time long before the foliage layer was cut to the surface of the planet, the human race and the scripted paths to hell haven't changed much since then. Egypt was indeed a land of oppression long before they had surface pyramids and a sphinx to show for it. In later times, yet long before the tree level achieves the planet surface, the "secret handshake" was a method for the green eggs and ham people to secretly check for the TAIL BACK.

Check-in at jail. Disrobe and spread 'em. That's used to check for contraband in modern day. At one time that practice, also, would have been a screening method for the guards to separate the tailbacks from the non-tailbacks.

Everybody has seen it. High school locker rooms. Health club locker rooms. Swimming pools, beaches, or the odd unnerving display deliberately made to "freak" on an unsuspecting jobbie. The TAIL BACK, the SPINAL TIP. A deformity acquired from eating green eggs and ham. An occupational disease to compliment the brain damage and heart disease which they willingly suck down their gullet for a million dollars.

So lo mon: so low that they're under the tether man
Neo: that roof is not going to save you, we have cameras and microphones everywhere, you will eat your green eggs and ham above board like everybody else, no more table to protect you from the sultan, approaching teenage years
C-level executive: keep the tether above the eye until you get your drink
Da vid: here's your handful of da (dog's) vid. Solomon isn't worth crap without da vid, da vid isn't worth crap by itself. Tequila, take your shot do your lick. Million dollars, take your drink and eat the poo. Melchizedek level people and above often have subcontracted agreements for others to eat da vid in their place.
Yacht: a juggernaut, a strike, a k, a right to take ten shots at once and eat only one handful of da vid and walk away with ten million dollars, especially useful in rural districts where the delivery truck is unpredictable, useful to take over a town. Their name is Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire, they own a mansion (to hide in) and a yacht.
Kettlenaught: take about three days to drink it, one hundred million, constipation for a week or longer.

Nearly all green eggs and ham participants, including rainbowtards, are given the secret wire implant—making for interesting politics between the financially superior rainbowtards and the lineages which have controlled the wire empire since before its inception. All green eggs and ham participants under the Melchizedek empire (eg., law of Moses and king of Judah) are also required to attend the forty day fast bread check, the heroin wire control calibration session. The individual may or may not know about the heroin wire remote control (resistance is futile, or available for another forty day bread check calibration) and may or may not choose to remain under the influence of heroin but their brain scan and performance calibration are available for use. Lucrative financial opportunity and social network superiority has brought many to opt-in for eligibility; and receive the extra heroin as an added bonus. The system is large enough that entire computer modelled communities of heroin drones are able to be kept on program available for duty at any time.

The green eggs and ham procedure brings the individual into the festival system. Mostly due to financial connections the individuals are largely impervious to common government police enforcement. Their methods for warring each other are loosely modelled around a bingo card system, similar to the law of Moses festival of booths system. With whatever rationalization the result is the same: entrance to a million dollar performance review may include notice of "festival plate", a name is given, and the financial winnings of the performance review are applied to hiring antagonists to destroy the life or at least the personality of the target. A character assassination.

They have the worst job in the world: taste testing crap for nothing. Their money comes from the favor they perform for that old friend. Standard tax evasion strategy.

The involvement in green eggs and ham also introduces the strategy of "leggo my eggo". A three legged dog. Sucking hind tit for bottom dollar and gas (joke) money. Ba ra ca ca fools (little drummer boy). Let your faces not be abashed-let your mouth (k)not be a "bah!" (despicable joke) shed. Get in the joke box and make the joke money from the joke sultan (the "ba ra"). Performing the green eggs and ham may cause the participant to suck the palate of their mouth back severely in disgust. The entire situation, both psychologically demanding and in many cases a trained methodical meditative performance, results in the individual being unable to talk properly for a period of time afterwards; minutes to permanency. This forms a corollary for "you will be known by a new name pronounced by the mouth of the Lord" (where the "Lord" could be the actual participant-"Say your new name!", a chicken, or the sound from the bread box). If the individual, now with a severe speech impediment, is required to perform in a position which demands that they be able to vocally interact then it is necessary to train them to regain their ability to form the sounds currently unattainable with their wounded palate. Good vocal performance technique teaches that the way to acquire, or regain, a lost sound is to reintroduce that sound to the ears and concentrate on it. Ancient priestly techniques know that a baby human, not yet taught and trained to "talk", will make very particular sounds according to very particular injuries-and nearly all the injuries and sounds are mapped out in combinations and permutations. For about half of the MDPR winnings the subject may purchase an "ego", a small human baby, and spend the money required for the performance review doctors to teach the required injuries (most often, surgical scalpel) to restore the sounds to the damaged palate. Some people decide that they liked their "ego" and will take it home with them for further sexual amusement. Rainbowtard males are especially well known for walking around with the five and eight year old female egos (often claiming the little girl as their "daughter") which they purchased to restore their damaged palates-or purchased just because they like that sort of thing.

Sucking hind tit for gas money and bottom dollar. Bottom dollar, the final dime, "drop the dime". That is a psychological reinforcement which they pronounce and assure each other with; they have the right to crawl into your life, scour over everything you do, and have their "say" (usually against jobbies or lower orders of green eggs and ham), they get to be the ones to act like big brother and "tell" on others (jobbies or lower orders of green eggs and ham). Even untrue, they get to be the ones to call your employer, call your friends, call your family, call your insurance carrier, call the local police, call the FBI, and simply make up enough lies to surround a life with a story, any story, to accomplish their end goals because, as a collective group of animal prostitutes, they collectively reinforce their right to have their say and "tell" on people. Such tactics are useful when making a target of an individual, gaming on their spouse, gaming on their children, sexually interacting with their pets (without their knowledge, eg. when they are away for groceries), and destroying competition.

The stonehenge style life paths of the law of Moses (green eggs and ham plus a few extra special events) and king of Judah (primarily green eggs and ham) populations are modelled as the third of the trio of great pyramids.

130221 SAB

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