Nobody knows anything

Social Engineering and Control

The difference between a passover lamb raised in the life of a prophet and a passover lamb raised in a life as a prophet-in-training represents a significant separation of the population over the course of time. In the procedural regimentation of the land there was not always a large need for liquid financial capital to be present, exchanged, or accounted for with every possible transaction. The only money available in the operation of society was that which resulted from participation in various routines offered by the temple structure; usually involving ritually performed sexual interactions. The introduction of the passover lamb into the financial system allowed for the passover lamb to earn large sums of money performing the ritual procedures and for the unknowing population to perform in lesser functional employed positions. As the general public was insulated from the method for the actual earning and accounting of the money the resulting passover lamb no longer needed to be cast as a formal prophet but could instead exist within the remainder of the population as the victim of a terrible accident, a false explanation for the state of the musculature and the dermal markings of the mummification procedure.

The stark contrast between the real source of monetary accounting and the excuses necessary to maintain the general employed population in a state which they would not raise large objections necessarily evolves into a stratified form of secrets and lies.

130118 SAB

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