Fish Heads of Life

The human race has been developing methodical applications of needle and thread for tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of years. The use of needle and thread developed from earlier technologies devoted to making thread. The raw materials used to twist twine are products of the earlier technologies pressing paper and weaving products. The process of mummification dates to paper pressing; before even thread. The procedural application of surgical injuries arises from the technologies related to poking soap; before even thread. The application of needle and thread to the human form has been practiced, similarly, for tens or even hundreds of thousands of years. Lower forms of life may be characterized as fish. Upon preparing the fish for cooking the fish head continues to function for a time significantly after death would be expected, the fish tail becomes dead meat approximately within an expected frame of time. Progressively higher forms of life may be characterized, as thermodynamic engines, as more fish head and less fish tail. The human being is the conglomerate most effective form of life; all the genetic components of fish head and near none of the genetic components of fish tail. Extreme misuse, neglect, and breakdown is necessary to effect death on any portion of the human form.

Experimental development with surgical mutilation of human beings is a difficult and gruesome topic; however, accept that it has occurred. Not only has it occurred once but it has occurred thousands and millions of times. The procedures for creating and repairing injuries has been studied, analyzed, perfected, and the available categorical spaces of injuries and repairs have all been catalogued. The templates and pantheons of injuries and repairs are catalogued according to the sounds made during the procedural application. The anaesthesiologist, in common society, applies a film thin enough to keep the procedure quiet—all procedures have been studied delicately, cut by cut, point by point, without the assistance of the anaesthesiologist. The current state of the passover procedure is the conglomerate set of the current choice of injuries and repairs; not necessarily the most painful, or the most effective, or the most drastic, or even the least of any of those categories. The passover process is only a selection from the available catalogue space.

The eons spent studying the available surgical injuries and modifications to human beings develops along with the concept of tracking and numbering sins and in step with the development and expansion of the financial systems. All systems developing with their own individual heirarchies of kingdoms and pantheons and substructures; in the sense of nations, corporations, and tax shelters. The final outcome of the time spent exploring the available combinations and permutations of injuries and repairs has become a product line known as the "sphinx", or metaphorically the seven layers of human amoeba algae salad from the Nile. The "Nile", metaphorically, being the neverending flow of half-dead mutilated human bodies flowing from lower warlord Africa. Those bodies are not only half-dead and mutilated but the forms of half-dead and mutilation have been perfected and have become product lines to the echelons of people which create them.

Remember that a canine is a lower form a human; a human which has suffered and twisted or polymorphed into the more aggravated form. When such an event occurs there will be left behind blobs of extreme pH gelatinous tissue; enough mass of them that, when collected, to amount to the size of an closed hand or two from an equivalently sized human. The "ritz", as the material may be called, is used as packing material in various surgical models.

Squid brains; the surgically removed brain is placed in another body. The procedure creates a very psychologically demanding state in the subject.
Torso. The arms and legs have been removed. The torso may be used for various purposes, locked in a closet and tormented with a burning brand (cigarette, bullfighter training); the end result to give new arms and legs to the torso and, as it will only wish to die at that point, the individual will be a very useful weapon for subterfuge and war.
Concubine. This model line is mostly replaced by the obelisk model. The lower abdominal area is cleared, necessary organs moved out of the way, and the open area packed with ritz lined inside of a bladder. The concubine was the final result of the surgical wounding and modifications of Adam and Seth. Seth concubines were given to Cain in later life; indeed, many were modified according to responses received from querying Cain,"Why did you hate Abel so?".
Obelisk. The adonis. The establishment of the Mary empire. The hand remaining from lineages of murdered Zechariahs, Jesus, and other prophets is surgically y-spliced (added on) to the spinal cord of the concubine. The lower abdomen is prepared by seating the subject on a vorpal (extremely high frequency oscillation) obelisk.
Computer "god". Several variants. A miniature mummified human, usually with the lower abdominal area prepared but not filled. A miniature human with lower abdominal area prepared but not filled. The rooster of a torso model, with or without arms. The life form is mounted inside of a briefcase sized refrigeration unit to prevent decomposition and encourage the life form to wake up and perform on demand.
Rooster. A computer "god" life form is mounted in the lower abdominal area of the subject and y-spliced to the spinal column. The presentation of the abdominal addition is jestingly deemed to be a meeting with "god".
Zorg. The lower abdominal area, prepared surgically or with the obelisk, is fitted with a semi-synthetic semi-bionic chamber about the size of a closed hand of an equivalently sized human. Enormous possibilities of functionalities exist and are made use of.

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