Numbering and Counting

Methods of historical preservation

There has now been established and described a system for the intended purpose to completely regiment the entirety of natural resources to carrot tops and legumes, to completely reveal the night sky, to track the existing farms and regimented areas according to the stars as they appear in the night sky, and the development of technology to include magnets, incandescance, and possibly digital electronics before Moses walks out of Egypt. That is an enormous and complex system.

It didn't happen all at once, and it was not forgotten along the way. Living life is not designed to cause the destruction and fault of living life. At one time, before the formal beginning of the regimentation of the land, at a time when the first paper pressers were working with only gathered naturally dead leaves and the firepit existed only after thousands of years allowing the fire to go out, allowing the fuel to go out, or failing to restock the kindling to work with the ashes, at that time of little technology and greater life there were enormous political debates and heated arguments and houses set against one another for a vote: to make a witch or not. A witch, an unnecessary log of wood deliberately taken from a living tree for no other purpose than a particular house wants to have the hot water. Every other house on the planet exists tending its firepit, and carefully rationing the hot water, and carefully planning for parties and events and gatherings and ritual observances. A house wishes to claim a witch. That is the beginning of the war to regiment the land.

In the course of the debate, as history turns out, the witches won. Not only did it become acceptable to claim a limb from a tree at will but it became standard policy to cut everything down and make a hoarde out of anything even remotely dietarily useful to any other house which would oppose the creation of the at will on demand witch. The system did not favor the witches. The witches won. The system, for its part, began counting the number of wrong decisions made in favor of the witches. The witches become progressively more ruthless and brutal to ensure that their authority is never challenged but the system continues to count the number of ruthless and brutal mistakes made in favor of the witches.

The numbering and accounting of the sin of life deliberately and frivolously destroying life is kept in the architecture of the world, counted into the design of the languages, preserved in lineages and corporate empires, buried in the coffers of nations and marked as surgical wounding on the very people, both the witches and the oppressed alike. The development of the surgical wounding process, the extreme sequences to count for the hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands of witches attached to any particular lineage, leads to the discovery of the ability of a living human organism to endure abuse and continue to live and, in situations, even continue to perform useful service. The fullness of the surgical wounding process leads to the development of the resurrective process: mummification. All of the templates of numbering and accounting develop side-by-side using the humans themselves as both scorecards and laborers.

The template system recognizes that the methods of accounting were not created deliberately for that purpose. The need for accounting increased as the architecture increased, the ability to perfect the passover process improved as the technologies were made available, the necessary numbers for the financial schemes evolved in a timely manner along with the regimenting of the land down to alegorical quarters, dimes, and eighths of a percent. The practice to allow some overlap and anticipate the need to change the timely order of events augments the necessary understanding of scriptural models; recognizing that bible scripture as it is available today is no where near a linear progression of prose events. The templates coherently model the evolution of bible scripture along with the other progressions of the available lanes of technology.

121229 SAB

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