Anima Christi

Master template

The basis of the master template encompasses the result of the entirety of the process of the cueing system. The final result is that everybody goes to hell. In hell they earn one hundred million dollars every day or they grind themselves cleaning the cells. Hell is an eight thousand year jog to death's door. The development of the cueing system over the entirety of history is generally counted in the Latin form of the Christian prayer "Anima Christi".

Anima Christi, sanctifica me
Corpus Christi, salve me
Sanguis Christi, inebria me
Aqua lateris Christi, lava me
Pasio Christi, conforta me
O bone Iesu, exaudi me
Intra tue vulnera absconde me
Ne permittas me separari a te
Ab hoste maligno defende me
In hora mortis meae voca me
Et iube me venire ad te
Ut cum sanctis tuis laudem te
In saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Notice that the prayer proceeds in a repetitous manner, near monotonous. A similar device is noted in the presentation of Joshua's speech, twice, in both chapters 23 and 24 of the book of Joshua. Not only is the text a prose but it is a sequence of speech developed over the generations to maintain a record of the current situation.

Anima Christi, sanctifica me. Regiment the land.
Corpus Christi, salve me. Discover the entrances to hell, managed by glorified insects, draining humans over the course of eight thousand years.
Sanguis Christi, inebria me. Begin begging at the gates of hell and making mistakes in your own lives, leading to hell.
Aqua lateris Christi, lava me. The entirety of the sphinx process (encoded as built pyramids) begins generating mummified babies to track its progress panning and scanning along the newly built great wall of China; progressively marching the people through their boxes and training them to enter hell.
Pasio Christi, conforta me. Discover methods to condition the mummy before the mummification, the passover.
O bone Iesu, exaudi me. Begin using dogs for monetary accounting and, accordingly, in the passover process.
Intra tua vulnera absconde me. The entirety of the Isaiah process.
Ne permittas me separari a te. The surgically modified eunuch population.
Ab hoste maligno defende me. All of the other surgically modified seven layer human algae salad out of de'Nile abominations over the earth.
In hora mortis meae voca me. The perfection of the Mary obelisk XY gender conversion model to replace the stepwise surgically generated Adam eunuch models, the completion of the actual structure of the sphinx.
Et iube me venire ad te. You may very well be going to hell. (begone)
Ut cum sanctis tuis laudem te. Where it will be one hundred million dollar droplets for the cockroaches every day.
In saecula saeculorum. Amen. For eight thousand great, glorious, and wonderful years to persuade you to emulate a chewed gumball.

The general interpretation for the prayer as it relates to the process of regimenting the land and creating the pyramids and the sphinx to chart the course of life cues along the great wall of China is written up in my daily contemplations.

The construction of the pyramids, the creation of the mine, the differentiation of the peoples on either side of the sphinx set of cues, and the development of the four hundred year low technology carnival to maintain every person occupied and progressively breaking themselves down over the years is respiratory screening for hell. Ventilation is poor and the body mass must be trained to operate reliably at low oxygen levels. Hell is not a surreal magical place. Hell is the bubblesorted worst possible path to death's door as it was constructed in the process of regimenting the land. The progression of the process is summarily contained in the prayer and the entirety of the operating mechanism described in these works.

121227 SAB

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