En el er o u

Make a noise

Language is known to have evolved in a progressive form mostly as the noises made upon injury, undo stress and aggravation, or as part of the methodical testing and screening applied by the eunuch and doctors to the taskmasters and bricklayers during the years of creating the mine, the pyramids, and the various great and enormous ancient temple structures of the world. Knowledge of bible scripture is related to familiarity with the languages in use at the time of modification and addition of the material. The correlation is not immediately obvious at all times and appears of time of continuing religious practice. Modern day interpratation is most obvious using a Latin as an approximate point between modern language and Hebrew and then modifying the interpratation of the Hebrew with a knowledge of the temple aleph language before that. Familiarity with the effect of environmental stresses on "ah" meditational patterns also significantly applies.

121229 SAB

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