Self Improvement

If you are actually interested in remaining out of hell then you need to be focused on one thing: STAY ALIVE. Do not break down. Every day must be an improvement over yesterday-not even a personal best, not better than last month, but better than yesterday. Life's trials and tribulations and the random statistical chance of anything at all happening in the universe is meant to clog up your crevices, booger up the edges, gum and bog down the sinuses and the circulation and the neurons. You absolutely need to straighten everything out. In the terms of computer programming you need to bubblesort each and every muscle. BUBBLESORT, not shell sort, not slant sort, not median division sort—bubblesort. The method to bubblesort the body is summarily "in out up down open close left right".

More specific detailed information to pursuing the "path of the Lord" is contained in "Biblical Scriptural Macabre", by Steven Baumeister, and a more advanced study of the integration of daily religion into template rehabilitative routines is contained in "Fifo2ed", also written by Steven Baumeister. Both works may be found at .

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