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Regimentation of the Land

Progression of Technology

Methods of Accounting
- Architectural
+ Pyramids
+ Cities
- Lingual
- Mummification
- Surgery

Social Manipulation (total world population approximately six billion people)
- Financial superiority
+ Mummified Monkey (less than one million people)
+ Bread box (less than one million people)
+ Window shopping at the zoo (approximately one million people)
+ Monkey chicken dog snake dart (approximately one million people)
+ Oriental (approximately half of the population of the world)
+ Monkey chicken dog dart (approximately, total, about 35 million people)
+ Green eggs and ham (approximately, total, 1 billion people)
+ Get a job (approximately 5 billion people)
- Forty against one

Living Life
- In out up down open close left right
- Breakdown


140131 SAB

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